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A Weekend in Paris – Giveaway

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Colorful Things I Saw in Istanbul

I was two days before the attack in Istanbul. It not just was but still is a beautiful city. The attraction for the tourist has sunk because of harms which were caused by irresponsible people. As an appreciation to the victims, we should not be scared, stay home and close our mouth. They should know that despite all what they have done, the culture and the country is still beautiful. Here are the colorful things I saw: I could drink their juices and ice tea everyday. Sugar overload inclusive. Another treats, the Turkish delight. and some more.. and the spices. Which are in my opinion similar to those I found in Morocco. For more tap here. The Turkish apple tea we found on the market which are so yummy. I had the nicest 3-course-dinner with wine for two at Mikla. Don’t allow the terrorist force you to stay at home. Spread some love. ❤   mb

Things to do in Tallinn

I have never traveled somewhere very Soviet-Union-ish. Venison, boar and fish are offered in so many restaurants. One minute you are on the beach and the next one- puffff- the snow is on the ground. And the people, they drink heavily. Terviseks! is one word I learned in Estonia, it means “cheers”. Aaaand yeah so we drank some.. It doesn’t matter where I go, I have always been looking for those cute and hip places for my tea and cake time. Those restaurants for my savory pallets. Those nature to give my eyes a break from the big city life. I had my very yummy and inexpensive lunch at F-hoone. The atmosphere reminded me of that from Posse, the Cafe/Bar/Bistro I visited in Rotterdam. The waiters and waitresses here were very open and friendly, plus they wear those “F” T-shirt I wish I could own. Afterwards I wanted to have my digestive tea and shop for some stuffs. I sat on HomeArt and while enjoying the view of cute stuff (many black, white and grey) …

Food Festival Amsterdam: My Highlights

Even though sitting in a restaurant is a cozy way to eat in Winter, I decided to visit the Food Festival in Amsterdam this time. Pro: It burns some calories when you walk from a stand to the others, ey? The Food Festival is the biggest I have ever seen. There were more than 70 Stands which sell many kind of food. The food was quite pricey, a dish cost from 1 to 8 Euros. You cannot pay cash though, they used those kinda plastic coins to buy in advance. I tried like 3 ahem okay 9 differ dishes. Here are my highlights of the day: Cubanos from La Cubanita. Have you seen “The Chef”? It is one of my fave Film. In this Film the chef opens a foodtruck selling cubanos. Oh yum! Tacos from Let’s Salsa. Pork, lime, herbs. I’m game. Fresh Coconut from Cocos Locos. Since I am an Indonesian, it is nice to know some people who have made it in Europe. I love love coconut water. The quality is also …

Things to Do in Rotterdam

People told me that Rotterdam is very stormy from September to May. They told me to visit Spain instead of Holland in this kinda time. As stubborn as I am, it makes me want to visit Rotterdam more. Well, when it is stormy outside, there are more reason to spend time indoor with friends; Drinking hot apple cider, eating soup, gossip to raise heart rates up or making out to raise em even higher. Since I have someone to visit. We started with a brunch in sorta hip cafe named Lilith. We chose an eggs benedict, some fluffy pancakes and frenchtoast with berries (for you sortamonkeyslikey: banana options offered!). They were so yummy, It gets me hungry right at this moment typing! And off course I got my coffee for my #dailycortado. We then went to Markthal to roughly taste some food and see some eye candy. Such a nice hall with some even better goodies for your pallet. You could actually get almost everything foodiewise. After some eating and eye candying it’s time for …