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Love and Leap of Faith

When I looked at my grandparents laughing and makes fun of each other after 55 years of being together, I floated in kinda disbelief. Those sparks which you have when you actually like someone, those which pushes you to love him. Those which makes you want to share your home with him. Those which makes your heart skip a beat. Those sparks.. It will fade, won’t it? When your parents are divorced or you have been disappointed so deeply, it is hard to trust that someone or something will make you complete. You expect more. Something bigger. Something sweeter. The grand gesture, so to say. A relationship does not last long because love always conquers all. I refused to believe the non-existence of love is the one that ends the relationship. I believe that the wrong attitudes toward each others’ important values are the one which stops the love to be nourished. The one which makes even the greatest love fade. So if you for example value trust the most. Then you expect no one …

Colorful Things I Saw in Istanbul

I was two days before the attack in Istanbul. It not just was but still is a beautiful city. The attraction for the tourist has sunk because of harms which were caused by irresponsible people. As an appreciation to the victims, we should not be scared, stay home and close our mouth. They should know that despite all what they have done, the culture and the country is still beautiful. Here are the colorful things I saw: I could drink their juices and ice tea everyday. Sugar overload inclusive. Another treats, the Turkish delight. and some more.. and the spices. Which are in my opinion similar to those I found in Morocco. For more tap here. The Turkish apple tea we found on the market which are so yummy. I had the nicest 3-course-dinner with wine for two at Mikla. Don’t allow the terrorist force you to stay at home. Spread some love. ❤   mb

Dinner in Hamburg: Burgerlich*

The time I realised that we have moved to the next level of technology is when I was offered a card to order my burger. The time I realised that I want to scream for joy is that Burgerlich offer a homemade onion rings. I have been looking for them all the time in Hamburg. The flare of the restaurant is very chic and modern. Thanks to the technology which directly deliver my order to the kitchen, our food was served very quickly. Again: look at those cute and crispy onion rings, I will definitely come back for some. You can order your burger with different types of bun and extras. I ordered a bacon burger (please look at those glazed bacon <3) with whole wheat bun and extra mushrooms. My date ordered a pulled beef burger with a brioche bun (the beef has been cooked for 6 hour in the oven; trust me, I went to the kitchen and checked it myself). Our sides are the beautiful battered onion rings and fries with wasabi …

7 Ice Cream Parlours Worth Visiting in Hamburg, Germany*

Bestes Eis Hamburg! Wie heißt das denn auf Deutsch? Ice cream is a true source of happiness. It brings people together and can be enjoyed by everyone at any age. After tasting more than 20 ice cream parlours, I am super glad to introduce 7 (yes, it is one of my lucky numbers besides 8, 9, and 11) ice cream parlours worth visiting in Hamburg. Ta daaaaa!!

Things to do in Tallinn

I have never traveled somewhere very Soviet-Union-ish. Venison, boar and fish are offered in so many restaurants. One minute you are on the beach and the next one- puffff- the snow is on the ground. And the people, they drink heavily. Terviseks! is one word I learned in Estonia, it means “cheers”. Aaaand yeah so we drank some.. It doesn’t matter where I go, I have always been looking for those cute and hip places for my tea and cake time. Those restaurants for my savory pallets. Those nature to give my eyes a break from the big city life. I had my very yummy and inexpensive lunch at F-hoone. The atmosphere reminded me of that from Posse, the Cafe/Bar/Bistro I visited in Rotterdam. The waiters and waitresses here were very open and friendly, plus they wear those “F” T-shirt I wish I could own. Afterwards I wanted to have my digestive tea and shop for some stuffs. I sat on HomeArt and while enjoying the view of cute stuff (many black, white and grey) …