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Dinner in Hamburg: Burgerlich*

The time I realised that we have moved to the next level of technology is when I was offered a card to order my burger. The time I realised that I want to scream for joy is that Burgerlich offer a homemade onion rings. I have been looking for them all the time in Hamburg. The flare of the restaurant is very chic and modern. Thanks to the technology which directly deliver my order to the kitchen, our food was served very quickly. Again: look at those cute and crispy onion rings, I will definitely come back for some. You can order your burger with different types of bun and extras. I ordered a bacon burger (please look at those glazed bacon <3) with whole wheat bun and extra mushrooms. My date ordered a pulled beef burger with a brioche bun (the beef has been cooked for 6 hour in the oven; trust me, I went to the kitchen and checked it myself). Our sides are the beautiful battered onion rings and fries with wasabi …

7 Ice Cream Parlours Worth Visiting in Hamburg, Germany*

Bestes Eis Hamburg! Wie heißt das denn auf Deutsch? Ice cream is a true source of happiness. It brings people together and can be enjoyed by everyone at any age. After tasting more than 20 ice cream parlours, I am super glad to introduce 7 (yes, it is one of my lucky numbers besides 8, 9, and 11) ice cream parlours worth visiting in Hamburg. Ta daaaaa!!

Friday Night Out in St. Pauli: The Bird*

If you want to take me on a date, you don’t need to take me out to something fancy. Good food, some drinks and cool convos are enough. And cos all boys are rude and my girls are hungy I have decided to take them out. I have visited The Bird in Berlin many many times. So I was excited to check its lil bro out. The atmosphere was cozy, the choice of music went well with their food. The Berlin bro has more NY flare though, maybe because the staffs in Berlin mostly speak English and the place is smaller. We had chilli cheese fries as an appetizer. It was super delicious; we would have loved some more cheese though. Their patty is freshly ground daily from quality german beef. Each burger has a juicy 250gr patty and is served with home-cut fries, lettuce, tomato, red onion and homemade pickle. I went for “Da Woiks” Burger with choice of cheese (I chose blue cheese), bacon, onion, mushrooms. My patty was grilled to medium-rare. I …

Store Opening in Berlin: SOS the Studio

I went to the store opening of SOS the Studio in Berlin and had so much fun. The brand comes from Copenhagen and has a minimalistic style. Since I wear a lot of black, white and grey the store was tailor-made for me. The staffs represent the style of the brand and were very friendly. There was also DJane Elisa VANDAMME which made me dance my socks of (thanks to champagne and chocolate overdose). My outfit of the day was from my favourite labels Sandro and Stella McCartney. To sweeten the night: I got a leather goodie bag filled with 2 SOS the Studio white and grey T-Shirts and nail polish. I also took home a cozy yet stylish white shirt. Thanks to SOS the Studio for the invite, fun time and the goodies! See you soon! SOS the Studio Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 2, Berlin Where is it?