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Can You Have True Love in a Tinder Era?

Carrie Bradshaw wanted what I want: “(…) Love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.”

In a time where you can find love by swiping your finger, people tend to think that ridiculous love does not exist. Can you love so ridiculously that it is stupid yet fulfilling?

Despite the fact that giving makes me happy (see this post), I have been taking care of myself for so many years now that I won’t give up independence or freedom for anything. So I could not help but wonder how could I love consumingly without sounding so ridiculous?

My grandpa rode a boat in the middle of a storm in Indonesia just to provide for my grandma and be with her. He then decided to move to her, earned a quarter what he had earned and lived a fulfilled life until the day he died. My grandma told me that it was the best feeling one could ever give her. The one you can only experience once in a lifetime. I-cannot-live-without-you love. My mum moved to Germany giving up a respected job to be with my non-deserving stepfather which forced her to live in a country where she could not speak or pronounce a word.

Hearing such love stories I think that this loving attribute must be genetic. I always love so wildly so that I came close to offer this ridiculous love to someone who I think can make me feel complete. However, after learning from the life experience of my mum and talking to her, this kind of special love you can only give to someone who would reciprocate it. So if you are a hopeless romantic who is very loving and ready to give, a person who is not ready for your love is maybe someone who does not deserve it or is simply stupid. But you will find someone who is smart enough to acknowledge your worth.

To answer the question above: yes it is possible to find a great love in a tinder era. You just have to wait and keep looking. Trust me, girl, a loving and rare find like you deserves to be treasured.




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