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Giving: Loving

Everyone was born to be selfish. You get one mother who gave birth and fed you. Afterwards you might have learned to share your food or toys with your siblings and friends.

Before money existed, everyone had to exchange goods. I doubt that everyone has learned naturally to give. Giving means not expecting anything back, thus love is kind and giving. The difference is that when your love is not reciprocated, it hurts. The first step though is to learn how to love. Even after all this time, I don’t think I can love (perfectly), I neither know how nor sure that I have loved. I merely know that I was taught by my mom that the key to happiness is to give: to know that you are able to make someone happy, to put their needs with or even before yours. It doesn’t matter if you try to give with your time, money presence or effort.

With this lesson I try to develop my giving to love. The one thing on earth I have been analyzing for the past ten years but never understand how, what and when. I just know that I have always been accepted my partner the way they are. I celebrated their flaw and have learned to embrace their imperfectness perfectly. After enough failed relationships I want to transform my giving to loving so badly. I believe I have done the first step which demonstrates that someone special’s happiness means my happiness, too. I am curious who, after some time,  is brave enough to want to hold my hand and have this journey with me. Someone who wants to make mine and his life more meaningful.







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