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Al Pacino Guys

I believe there is no one that is not familiar with the name Al Pacino. So many movies, wealthy and not to forget the ladies. I am always amazed how men are getting better looking as they get older. These men, especially the successful one like Al Pacino, have the luxury of having the choice to structure their life independently from their ladies, girlfriend or of the sort.
These men usually don’t get married because they don’t have to or just don’t feel the need to marry someone since, as we know, marriage needs compromises, requires work and someone who will at least meet you halfway. I don’t know Al Pacino personally but maybe he did not feel the need to have a girlfriend as he was young and successful either. Due to the fact, I believe, that it is a force of nature that men with power or fear of commitment will automatically state that happiness could be reached without a partner to hold on to.
This then leads to me asking myself if I, who am usually always been in a relationship, would ever date or feel comfortable dating an Al Pacino guys. I used to date guys who are ambitious and know that a great relationship is stamped by compromises as well as investments in time, money and energy in order to get a kickstart or even work for a long period of time.
Due to the fear of missing out, there are still many women who are willing to date Al Pacino guys. I was never one of them. In finance, we learn that the investment with a high Beta (thus market risk) is not the one to invest in. I am a finance major and am well aware that I should not invest in Al Pacino guys. Maybe I will dare myself to take the risk once in a while and see if the investment will have a high return; they say life experience will teach you things books just cannot do.
If all works out, then my highest return is that I will fall in love heavily and get him to love me back.
Or I just won’t get my investments paid back.
Or I will decide to only invest in safe guys with low risk and lot of flowers.
Or I will just lose trust in those masculine species and then decide to say: goodbye.






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