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7 Things I Have Learned

One year older and none wiser just hipper .

There are 7 things I have learned this year

1. There is no “it is stressing me out”

You have the choice if something or someone can bother you. The way not having someone stressing you out is not letting him. The result is, you see the positive side of the things, and good things come to those who wait (and eat cake while waiting).


2. Date both younger and older guy
Not at the same time of course. As I get “mature” I explore the new territory and it is actually kinda nice. It’s like helping someone to grow or being helped zo grow. Yuck, that sounds weird.


3. It is better to be crazy than boring

I get crazier and crazier every year. And laugh a lot because of it.


4. The best relationships do not start easily
After a decade of dating, I realised that the best relationships with the best outcomes are not those which have started easily. The butterfly in your stomach comes from the adrenaline, the kick so to say. Hold on to those who are worth it, put the jerks into the bin after the expiration date. You know your standard, you’ll do it automatically.


5. Nothing feels better than to give
I don’t see the reason to be stingy to other people. I like spoiling people that I love. It feels better than spending it on myself.


6. Look up in term of achievement but look down to be humble and thankful
I am very ambitious in term of achievement in school, work, my apartment and relationships; I want them to be perfect. It is good if you always know that you have earned what you’ll get but when something “bad” happens in your life just think “it could be worse” and make the best of it.


7. Stay true to yourself

Guys are these handsome things to have fun with or more. I think it is fun to have someone to share your sad story, french fries, a bottle of wine, intellect and bed with…as long as you also can be on your own.


Lastly people we learn new things everyday. We are not perfect, we won’t be. But we are getting better every darn day. ❤

Spread the love and confetti! ❤ ❤

Always ❤







  1. Anja says

    Ac ja du bist in Südafrika. Ich dachte ich habe dich in Berlin gestern gesehen. Ich würde dich gerne persönlich kennenlernen. 🙂


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