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Love and Leap of Faith

When I looked at my grandparents laughing and makes fun of each other after 55 years of being together, I floated in kinda disbelief.
Those sparks which you have when you actually like someone, those which pushes you to love him. Those which makes you want to share your home with him. Those which makes your heart skip a beat.

Those sparks..

It will fade, won’t it?

When your parents are divorced or you have been disappointed so deeply, it is hard to trust that someone or something will make you complete. You expect more. Something bigger. Something sweeter. The grand gesture, so to say.

A relationship does not last long because love always conquers all. I refused to believe the non-existence of love is the one that ends the relationship. I believe that the wrong attitudes toward each others’ important values are the one which stops the love to be nourished. The one which makes even the greatest love fade.

So if you for example value trust the most. Then you expect no one to lie to you. To make something tastes sweeter than it is. Once you are betrayed, you will ask yourself if this person is worth to hold on to. That time you ask yourself why your Mr Perfect suddenly is not so perfect anymore.

Then your brain digests all the facts again. If he won’t repeat what he did, that the betrayal and lie actually stop, the love you think exists could compensate the suffering. If you are a sceptic like me who always expects the worst of someone, to keep this relationship going, there is just one thing you need to have: leap of faith.

You will still ask yourself along the way if the mistakes would be repeated. Every time if he does something not as bad but similar, you start asking yourself if it means that he is just the same person not worth trusting.

This desperation. This questions mark. This over thinking.

Are you ready to gamble it for a possible lifetime happiness?





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