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Colorful Things I Saw in Istanbul

I was two days before the attack in Istanbul. It not just was but still is a beautiful city. The attraction for the tourist has sunk because of harms which were caused by irresponsible people. As an appreciation to the victims, we should not be scared, stay home and close our mouth. They should know that despite all what they have done, the culture and the country is still beautiful.

Here are the colorful things I saw:


I could drink their juices and ice tea everyday. Sugar overload inclusive. IMG_6137

Another treats, the Turkish delight.


and some more..


and the spices. Which are in my opinion similar to those I found in Morocco. For more tap here.




The Turkish apple tea we found on the market which are so yummy.


I had the nicest 3-course-dinner with wine for two at Mikla.

Don’t allow the terrorist force you to stay at home. Spread some love. ❤




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  1. Adriana says

    I was worried that it wohnt be safe enough. But my experience was worth it!


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