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7 Ice Cream Parlours Worth Visiting in Hamburg, Germany*

Bestes Eis Hamburg! Wie heißt das denn auf Deutsch?

Ice cream is a true source of happiness. It brings people together and can be enjoyed by everyone at any age. After tasting more than 20 ice cream parlours, I am super glad to introduce 7 (yes, it is one of my lucky numbers besides 8, 9, and 11) ice cream parlours worth visiting in Hamburg. Ta daaaaa!!



this is that kind of place, where you want to sit in, even though the sun is shinning outside. The furniture in the place is all handmade from the owner and his crew. I felt the Berlin atmosphere while I was sitting there. You have enough space to chat or play an imaginary ping pong with your friend (I always measure how big a space is in ping-pong table, it should be an official unit soon I suppose). The self-made ice creams are so yummy and they change the flavours everyday. The ice cream maker is so eager to try out new flavours, he has made more than 300! They even make their own mouth-watering sauce!

Price / Scoop: 1,20 €

My favourite flavours: Cucumber-Lemon, White Coffee, Vanilla (classic but oh man!)

Vegan option: yes

Address: Kohlhöfen 10, 20253 Hamburg. Where is it?



You won’t miss this ice cream parlour. The sound of happy children and people queuing for the delish ice cream would get your attention! It is located in the heart of Ottensen, one of the hip districts in Hamburg. There are so many restaurants nearby, so it would be perfect for a dessert after a meal as well! They also make ice cream cake which is perfect for a summer party (or in my case: movie night).

Price / Scoop: 1,10 €

My favourite flavours: Joghurt, Poppyseed, Orient-Express (I won’t tell you whats in it, just come over and try it yourself)

Vegan option: yes

Address: Bei der Reitbahn 2, 22763 Hamburg. Where is it?



Thomas, the passionate ice cream maker of the Liberty-Eis is a vegan and understands the needs of other vegans who want to enjoy ice cream with more flavour options. The ice creams are made out of organic soy and oat milk. He was the first to open a vegan ice cream place in Germany. You won’t realise that the ice creams are vegan though, cause they taste so super good (much better than many non-vegan ice cream out there). It is located directly at the famous Hamburger harbour, you can either enjoy the view or take a long walk while enjoying your ice creams!

Price / Scoop: 1,30 €

My favourite flavours: Tomato-Basil (dare yourself, you won’t regret it), Chocolate Deluxe, Hazelnut

Vegan option: nothing but

Address: Fischmarkt 11, 22767 Hamburg. Where is it?



Eisladen is on the way to a really cozy park in Ottensen, which automatically forces you to come over and buy one or maybe two? (ok, I ate three) scoops. You can really taste the fruit out of the sorbets because they are made of fresh and not frozen fruits. They bought their fruits and milk from the regional markets and sellers, so not just we but the cow are also happy!

Price / Scoop: 1,10 €

My favourite flavours: Peanut-Caramel, Strawberry, Raspberry

Vegan option: yes

Address: Fischers Allee 3922763 Hamburg. Where is it?



The home of Eisprinzessinnen is so sweet, warm and homey located, it makes you want to start a family (I feel that girls gonna text their boyfriends and ask them out after reading this, ahem). My ice creams were served by cute and very friendly ice cream princess (de: Prinzessin) and were so tasty. The owner has won a founder prize for opening and building such an innovative place, a well deserved one!

Price / Scoop: 1,10 €

My favourite flavours: Kabuba (Carrot-Buttermilk-Banana, gives you that comforting taste of childhood), Fleur del Sel, Peanut-Chocolate

Vegan option: yes. chocolate sorbet is also offered.

Address: Am Rathenaupark 1522763 Hamburg. Where is it?

Delzepich Eis


The way the ice is served here reminds me of Italy. Many ice cream parlour in Italy use a spatula instead of a scoop to serve the ice cream. They do not present the ice cream in a traditional scoop form but in portion form. 1 Portion contains up to two flavours of your choice, so indecisive or flavour friendly people would make peace and not war here. The ingredients are all natural, it shows in the taste of the ice creams. They taste not too sweet and just right! And if you are lusting for more sugar, the sprinkles are for free!

Price / Portion: 1,40 €

My favourite flavours: Rhubarb, Hazelnut Waffle, Cherry-Banana

Vegan option: no

Address: Winterhuder Weg 6722085 Hamburg. Where is it?


8_Eistresen 3lieblings-Fenster-Schriftzug

Every milk ice cream in Lieblings has more than 70% milk which makes them very creamy and tasty. Another kudos are also given because they have some unique flavour inspired by baking goods and drinks. It is located in a famous district of St. Pauli (haven’t you heard about Reeperbahn?), which makes a nice walk with one scoop or two a perfect sense.

Price / Scoop: 1,10 €

My favourite flavours: Blueberry Muffin, Latte Macchiato

Vegan option: yes. All sorbets are vegan.

Address: Detlev-Bremer-Straße 5020359 Hamburg. Where is it?

*Thanks to all the ice cream parlours for the invitation and kindness! 🙂 / Einladung von den Eisläden


Much love for JW, FL and LB for the fun time and snapping my happy face eating ice cream. ❤



  1. Lennart says

    Super Artikel!! Dann weiß ich ja welche Eisläden ich mal besuchen werde 🙂 btw. cooler Pulli. Sieht super aus! Wo hast du den her??


  2. Ookie Dough says

    What a great post! I’m a huge fan of ice cream and also in the quest to find the best places in Hamburg 😉 I really love Luicellas and Eis & Innig too. Do you know them? They use all natural ingredients, are small and have superb flavors!

    But I’ve never heard of der Eisladen or Lieblings so I am very curious to try those!


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