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Things to do in Tallinn

I have never traveled somewhere very Soviet-Union-ish. Venison, boar and fish are offered in so many restaurants. One minute you are on the beach and the next one- puffff- the snow is on the ground. And the people, they drink heavily. Terviseks! is one word I learned in Estonia, it means “cheers”. Aaaand yeah so we drank some..



It doesn’t matter where I go, I have always been looking for those cute and hip places for my tea and cake time. Those restaurants for my savory pallets. Those nature to give my eyes a break from the big city life.





I had my very yummy and inexpensive lunch at F-hoone. The atmosphere reminded me of that from Posse, the Cafe/Bar/Bistro I visited in Rotterdam. The waiters and waitresses here were very open and friendly, plus they wear those “F” T-shirt I wish I could own.






Afterwards I wanted to have my digestive tea and shop for some stuffs. I sat on HomeArt and while enjoying the view of cute stuff (many black, white and grey) so I started building my dream home in my head…. Their cashier counter, I want it directly for my kitchen!!



After my imaginative home was almost build in my head. I wanted to fill it with some stuff. So I went straight to les petites. I bought a drawable T-shirt (I’ll show you later on Instagram) and a world map consisting word puzzles to fill in. I was so excited to bring them home!! 🙂 And those notebooks couldn’t get any cuter, could they?

They also have some gorgeous scandinavianish coats. If I had some free space in my luggage I would defo have bought one!



Afterwards it was cake time!! I was very happy to find Reval Cafe nearby. The cafe is very popular; I talked with a local in the cafe. All Reval Cafes offer wifi. I was on a mobile phone diet in Tallinn, so I took my 10 Minutes a day here in Reval. But of course after eating our eclairs, raspberry taste and carrot cake! 🙂

I saw people slurping their soups all around me. They look so yummy. I decided to give it a try the next day. If their soup as good as their cakes, I`m game!

You can fly easily from Berlin to Talinn with airBaltic for under 100 €. Their direct flights are very comfy and fast. You could reach Tallinn in 1 hour and some minutes!

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  1. Sarah says

    I have just booked my trip to Tallinn! Will visit the place you recommend. Thanks.


  2. Vera says

    I am so excited for my Tallinn trip now! Thanks for the tips!

    xx from London


  3. Hendrik says

    I have visited Tallinn so many times from Finland ( it takes only 3 hours with boat). I will visit the cafes you recommended next time.


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