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Men Buffet

Are you familiar with this feeling of greediness when you stand in front of a buffet hungry and you think you can fit all of the foods into your mouth? And then you are so full, so that you cannot even take a sip of your water anymore? You cannot even remember how the food tasted because you have eaten it too quickly. In that kinda time you would be more grateful for a small plate with that one perfect bite which can easily satisfy your pallet.

I am looking for this perfect bite. I haven’t written any column in the past month, I have actually been dating heavily (am not even able to write about them all). The cute candidates are there; I thought why not? Dates are fun anyway. And then I started to weigh the pro and cons. With whom should I go to a second date?  Which ones should be shredded into the friend zone? 

And so the checklist continues. Since I am very rational, I always think and measure everything. But then I realise: you cannot control your feelings. I should be crazy about someone. There should be this one person I think about before I go to sleep. The one who treats me so so friggin well I thought we actually complete each other. The one who still is adorable even though maybe he leaves his socks on the floor or sometimes talks with his mouthful.

Yeah girls: I don’t think “the Bachelor” makes any sense. Because when you are really smitten, you won’t want to look at other options. The buffet is closed so to say.

I am mourning at the moment, so it was nice watching some of the cuties who actually care and want to make me smile. The one who just want to get into your pants wouldn’t care. So you can just leave these candidates out. You deserve better.

I hope that this one perfect bite with the grand gesture is there somewhere…

to be continued..

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  1. Toller Artikel Mausl. Ich stay auf jedenfall tuned bei deinen dating stories. Drück dir die Daumen. Aber ich bin mir sicher dass bald einer kommt der dir den Kopf verdreht 😉


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