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Lunch and Dinner in Berlin Mitte: NU Eat Kitchen*

Rosenthaler Platz has always been one of my fave district in Berlin. So as I heard that a new restaurant is opening, I immediately ran there and tried their food.


You can have lunch here from 7,50 € up. This lunch menu includes one appetiser and one main course. And man those homemade ice teas… I love it! IMG_5755

I wanted to have a Hong Kong flared lunch, to reminisce my trip to Hong Kong last year. So, both of the dishes I chose actually came from Hong Kong. I chose a bowl of wanton soup as a starter, then I ate squid with veggies in hong kong sauce served with well-cooked rice. It was spicy. I really like it. It was a tat too spicy for my date of the day… But not for me. I love em spicy.

Because I appreciate a cozy and hip place to eat. The bar directly caught my eyes… It is pimpin’ ey?


And these are the table where I ate my lunch..


This is their open kitchen. I am planning to sit there next time. Eating while watching the chef cooking will be a nice experience. Chef table-ish dinner, somewhere else you usually have to pay extra for that.


I don’t normally mention this but their toilet is also as fancy.. 🙂


*Thanks to Andre and Jacky for the hospitality and the F & B. I looove your ice teas!! / Einladung von NU Eat Kitchen

NU Eat Kitchen

Rosenthalerstr. 71

10119 Berlin

Where is it?






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