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#gethealthy: Juicing with Kale & Me

If you know me well, you would notice that I eat all the time. So If you were my stomach, you’ll work over hours. I want to give my stomach a lil break; and because some of you give me the idea to do a juicing. I dared myself to try one from Kale & Me.

I did a there day juicing. Every day there are 6 Juices to take one after another:

  1. Pamela Pine: Pineapple, Apple, Cucumber, Mint
  2. Catie Carrot: Carrot, Apple, Lemon
  3. Al Avoca: Avocado, Spinach, Pineapple
  4. Rosy Roots: Beets, Ginger, Carrot
  5. Kalvin Kale: Kale, Celery, Spinach
  6. Amy Almond: Almond, Dates, Himalaya Salt


Before the Juicing

Two days before the juicing, I tried and (succeeded!) to eat light. So I ate only soups and salads. I still went to the gym though, I always feel better when I sweat a bit.

During the Juicing

Hmm. Only juice and no waffles for breakfast. Luckily the mint in Pamela Pine was very refreshing. To be honest I was not true to my timing. For example I did not drink the Al Avoca at lunchtime but at 3 p.m. when I got hungry. Hungry: as I did the juicing, I learned to know the true meaning of hunger. I realised that being hungry is a state of mind. I was always hungry before because I was longing for the taste of food not because my body needed food. On the day two my stomach feel better and flatter. On the day three my skin looked better (maybe it was a placebo effect, but who knows).


After the Juicing

My skin looked better. Well I am very blessed to have a naturally smooth skin but it was glowier after the juicing. I ate light for the next two days. Ah, and I felt better in the morning, there was no need to snooze my alarm; I was not so tired in the morning as I was before, my body was ready for the day.


All in all

Which one is your favourite juice? Pamela Pine. I looove mint!

Which one is your least favourite juice? Al Avoca. I prefer avocados for guacamole.

Did you lose weight? Yes, 1 kg / two pounds. It was not my motivation to do the juicing though. A nice side effects anyway..

Would you do it again? Yes, definitely. But not when I have to study for exams.


My second favourite: Amy Almond! ❤


*with a little support from Kale & Me



  1. Janine says

    Super, wird nachgemacht. Ich muss während der Kur aber auf deinen Blog verzichten damit ich keinen Junger bekomme… 😉


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