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10 Reasons Not to Date a Guy (no it’s not what you think)

Some of my guy friends really think that I have a lil bit of “Y” (biological manhood gene) which programs me not to date many suitable guys and just be friends with them.

I am not that kind of girl who wears pink. I don’t usually give compliment when I don’t really mean it. I eat my steak medium-rare. I cannot wear whites and not spill on it. I have never played Barbie- I don’t even find ken-type guy attractive. I don’t like to talk behind someone’s back. I am just not that type of girl.

Paul and I went for a walk in a rainy then sunny day. During the Christmas holiday, I planned to visit as many people I like as possible. Looking back, I realized that over 80% of them were guys. It was not because I planned it, it just happened to be. The best example that I may be programed by the “Y” gene is that as I picked Paul up, I saw him for the first time again in the day light (in a normal way, not this one) wearing a crème jumper and a stylish black jacket. If it were officially a date I would find him really attractive. I did not feel that way though, it was a normal day when I picked a bro out to go for a walk, get some coffee and talk. I don’t see him that much, so every time we have some catching up to do.

During the walk I realized that I could never ever imagine my life without Paul or any other (male) friends. There are at least 10 reasons I can easily list:

  1. You’ll Learn to be on the Both Sides of the Coins

They say girls are emotional. Guys are logical. For any decisions it is wise to decide logically yet emotionally. Trust your gut, but it is always nice to get an opinion from an opposite sex. Especially when the matters are gender related.


  1. They Don’t See You as a Competition

The one thing I like and don’t at the same time like about girls is their dishonesty. Well it is nice to hear when someone says that you are not fat even though you have gained 10 kg or that the violet dress suits you impeccably. But a violet dress on my brown skin, really? When you go out with a guy friend, doesn’t matter if it is a date or not, and you ask their opinion; they would usually be honest: Well, who does not want to stand next to a good looking girl?


  1. They Can Answer Some “Sensitive” Questions Only Guys Can Answer

Horrible dates, bad sex, rude guys. You name it. They know how the testosterones work better than yourself I bet. And no it’s not always your fault. Really.

  1. That Boyfriend Look

If you read this, you would know that I really dig the boyfriend look. Guess where I sometimes get my outfit together? No it is not always from my boyfriend.


  1. Cuddle Buddy

Paul and I cuddle a little on a park bench. I love cuddling; it gives me some sort of security. And when the cuddle buddy is over 185cm and smells good, your day will be indeed sunnier.

  1. They Give You sorta Security

And no, not the financial ones. Since I travel a lot, I realize there are a plus of travelling with guys. And when you are hungover somewhere or cannot walk another mile, the strong ones can carry you.

  1. Food food food food fooood

I enjoy my salad know and then. I like fresh foods. I just don’t want to feel guilty when I order some juicy burger and my opposite order a bowl of salad with no dressing.


  1. Wingman

I know hanging out with just one guy may send a signal that you are taken. But hey, maybe he can start a convo with other guys about football then say “well my friend here does not have any idea about football, but God does she cook the best pasta ever!” And then don’t be shy, just say: “I can cook some for you, too!”

  1. They Will be There, Even When You Don’t Text Every Week

I try to text my friends regularly, less when I am taken. Some girls are angry or feel neglected when I text less. The guys are more flexible..

  1. You Will Have More Standards

Sometimes you will miss a guy presence; it may leads to an action that you are settle for a wrong guy. If you have a good portion of guy friends you can afford having more standards for guys. Not only because your guy friends told you to have some standards but also because you do not date because you need to go to restaurant or movie with a guy.

Well something may go wrong…

and you ended up making out with your guy friends. Well, people have needs, right? Don’t worry, these did make out and still are besties..


Have a good one!







  1. Louis says

    Your way of writing always makes me smile. Keep doing the blog thing, it is nice to read!


  2. I have a lot of guy friend too. Judging your personality, I can imagine many guys would like to be (at least) friend with you. Cheers from San Diego


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