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20-year-old Boy vs. 40-year-old Man

Another twenty something problem. When it comes to dating, I have a very wide range of age tolerance. I don’t care how old one person is, as long as he is not twice my age. Being single has given me all the freedom to flirt and date all those cute fire flies that come along the way. So I do some assessment-center-like-thing to measure which fire flies actually has the most fire.

The fire fly Tutu is a twenty something, party everyday, living at parents’ house, non-sensitive guy who makes fun of things you think you have laughed about one too many in high school hundred years ago. The second fire fly Juju ist a forty something, successful but humble, sneaker and cap wearing, have travelled the world fella who looks good in suit. The catch is, you never know if Juju really is available where Tutu seems to be very available. So this available thing of Juju bothers me. Just be or not be. Choose one.

The most appealing thing about Tutu is the sense of humour and the point of view of life with no ease. Being a tat bit older and more ambitious than Tutu makes you feel like a strict high-waisted-pants wearer old maid. But after looking at Tutus rather baby skin you would think that you could actually have a lotta fun. Fun. The best thing you can have in your life. The one feeling I get when I travel far far away from home.

The big plus of Juju is his independence, the way he talks about some stuff which makes you feel dumb but impressed at the same time and those tiny wrinkle which I personally find to be very sexy. A sign of experience kinda things. But please not too many. The wrinkles not the experience.

Dating an older man makes you feel like you don’t have to do nothing. I have been working and studying hard all my life, so it won’t be rude if I want to take a little break, huh? I like it that they often come with flowers. I like having flowers in my room. So it is kinda nice if someone actually brings you one home. Even though you may think it is a try to get to your pants, I really appreciate that kinda lil romantic gesture. And the door opening, dinner going, smart talking things. I feel like a cheesy victorian. Please keep em coming.

Having fun with a younger guy makes you feel more alive. This kinda nervously driven thing which gives you that feeling of a first date again. Kinda of a big plus score.

But this alive thing is other than the one you can have with Juju. Tutu will say some new things, so hip or rather funny you think he is crazy.  Juju on the other hand is the one who makes you feel that he is gonna do some adult things you have never experienced before and you just have to obey. And afterward it was like: Hach.

So we need a perfect mix of the twenties and forties, right? What is about the thirty-year-old? I dated one or two. But sadly the mix is not there. Or maybe I just haven’t found the one who has the perfect dough. Don’t give up- Meanwhile there is ice cream.. ❤

Have a good one!


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  1. Clara says

    Du kannst so toll schreiben..ich würde dir aus eigener Erfahrung den 40-year-old man nehmen 😉


  2. Carlos says

    What type of boy or né man is your type? you seem to have dated a lot type of guys. I wonder which type of guy can impress girls the most. You are my guru!


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