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Friends and Time Between Relationships

I love making out. I do. I think that is why I was taken all the time; it is always nice to know that the needs could be filled all the time. For the time in between there is Julius.

I met Julius in Berlin. It was 2010 (I think). My boyfriend then was a med student. So he had to study all the time. There was a time, when he or I was so tired of uni or maybe the relationship and decided to take a break. 1 day into the first break, I ate my pho soup in Kreuzberg, added many chili flakes in it as always. Then I saw this tall brunette with green hazel eyes doing the same thing. He was also eating his pho with a lot of chili flakes. I don’t know about you, but the chili I added to my soup is a whole lot a normal person would not be able to handle it.

As the soup getting so spicy I ordered a glas of coconut water. And so did he. He smiled at me because of the same orders (I guess). I smiled back.

I walked to the Görlitzer Park afterwards. He wanted to accompany me. I let him. I really do not know why I let him even know. I neither like strangers nor small talks.

By the time we reached the Park, I have learned that he studies brands management and economics and works for a quite big label. He likes the colors grey, black and white like I do. He goes for a run every morning (well, this one I don’t do). I am always impressed with a guy who does sport. Not the gym sport one, but a real sport. I love em runners. After checking out his abs after he took off his jacket, I knew he wasn’t lying about the running thing.

Kisses, hugs and good convos are things that I prefer to happen slowly. I like everything to happen in its own time. So that first time that we kissed after knowing each other for like two three hours was kinda one of a lifetime thing I would do. We talked for the other three hours; we got some coffee and cake. I never stay that long with someone I hardly know. And I never expect to tell stuff or knowing stuff about someone so fast. In this past 6 hours we didn’t look at hour phone once. Hard to believe, even for me right now. But we did. And then he looked at his phone..

“Oh shit!” he said. “I have to meet my mum at my grands over 2 hours ago. I completely forgot!”

Yeah. Just go. I was in a kinda rebound phase. Nothing needed to last that time.

“Do you want to come meet my peeps?” he asked.

I was surprised. I mean it was very rare to meet a guy who born and raised in Berlin. Now the family also lives here.. And I might meet them in the next one hour.

We actually went to the family Sunday thingy. It was a rarely nice warm welcome. We ate some dinner because we missed the cake and coffee hours.

At the dinner I learned that Julius has just broken up with his girlfriend four days ago. His peeps never met her. They thought at first that I was her. It explained the weird warm welcome now.

He took me for a tour around the house. It is strange to hear a word “house” in Berlin, right? Here is all flats and condos. Well there is a district named Dahlem. His peeps live here in a incredibly stylish and minimalistic but cold house. So cold, like you need to smash all the things down to make it feel like home.

Before we said goodbye, we made out wildly behind his grands oldtimer.

Julius has become one of my good friend. Weirdly he has always been taken like me. We always spend the gap time beetwen relationships together. It seems that everytime he or I break up with someone the other one follows. It is a cosmic thing.

I learned over the time from my guys (explanation: I have a lot of guy friends with no agenda) not to waste my time with someone who does not care about you. I learned to be picky. That is why I try only to date someone who chases me. Who gives a damn.

In the meantime there are friends. I am meeting Julius in one of our fave district in Berlin tonight. Actually he should go to a christmas party of his girlfriend’s workplace. But like me, we don’t like small talks and strangers.



  1. Julius says

    Du bist die eine, die meinen Satz beenden könnte und weiß was ich denke. Der Tag (es war ein Sonntag) ,an dem wir uns kennengelernt haben, war der Tag wo ich das Berlinerleben echt viel schöner finde. Ich bin froh dich in meinem Leben zu haben. You had me at hello girly. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Ich bin auf deiner Seite durch einen Freund gestoßen. Er meint du bist eine Frau mit der unglaublichsten Ausstrahlung, die er je kennengelernt hat. Ich finde dich und deine Worte toll! Reply mich mal privat


  3. Na kleine. Nach dem Aufstehen direkt fleißig was für den Blog schreiben? Ich freue mich aufs Frühstück gleich!! ❤


  4. You are the weirdest but the most beautiful person I know. Everytime I visit your blog, it is like a walk in a park on a sunny day. Cheers from NYC.


  5. Sorry, aber wenn ich Julius Freundin wäre würde ich dich hassen und mit ihm Schluss machen.


  6. Sarah says

    @mara: ja anscheinend bleiben die Frauen doch an ihm kleben. Ich lese Monicas blog regelmäßig und finde, dass ihre eigenartige Art sie begehrenswert macht. Solange sie single ist, kann sie doch flirten mit wem sie will. Dann sind die Frauen, die an Julius kleben sind halt dumm.


  7. Ich kenne Monica mehr oder weniger persönlich und finde, dass ihre Art sie halt sehr besonders macht. Sie tickt wie ein Kerl, sieht aber bombe aus und ist einfach super schlau. Das finden die Männer anziehend. Da sie nicht leicht zu haben ist, finden die Jungs sie sogar noch attraktiver. Ich glaube deswegen hat sie ja viele “boys”. Es ist nicht ihre Schuld wenn die Jungs, wenn die Jungs doch mehr von ihr wollen.


  8. Cathy says

    Ich nenne es ehrlich und direkt. Lasse reden, Monica. Bleib so wie du bist!
    Liebe Grüße


  9. Mach dir keine Gedanken. Es ist doch schön “bubbly memories” zu haben.
    Fühl dich gedrückt!


  10. Kirsten says

    There is a risk for speaking your mind. However, it is Julius’ choice, and it seems like he worships you..


  11. Marco says

    I aggree with everyone! You are really beautiful – but in this unique special way with your rather flat face and those crazy teeths of yours! Let the haters hate Girl! Just because you are far away from the definition of beauty, doenst mean you are not beautiful in your own way x3 im a big fan of yours! Xoxo


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