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Food Festival Amsterdam: My Highlights

Even though sitting in a restaurant is a cozy way to eat in Winter, I decided to visit the Food Festival in Amsterdam this time. Pro: It burns some calories when you walk from a stand to the others, ey?

The Food Festival is the biggest I have ever seen. There were more than 70 Stands which sell many kind of food. The food was quite pricey, a dish cost from 1 to 8 Euros. You cannot pay cash though, they used those kinda plastic coins to buy in advance.

I tried like 3 ahem okay 9 differ dishes. Here are my highlights of the day:


Cubanos from La Cubanita. Have you seen “The Chef”? It is one of my fave Film. In this Film the chef opens a foodtruck selling cubanos. Oh yum!


Tacos from Let’s Salsa. Pork, lime, herbs. I’m game.


Fresh Coconut from Cocos Locos. Since I am an Indonesian, it is nice to know some people who have made it in Europe. I love love coconut water. The quality is also very high here, the coconut is “young” – as the Indonesian would say- therefore the fresh flesh.


Chicken Satay from Skranze. Another delish indonesian inspired food.


Pulled Pork from Smokey Goodness. I love anything meaty that come from a smoker. The pulled pork is to die for, hince the quque. Pulled Pork is so the it thing in Amsterdam nowadays.


For you gluten free lovers: this muffinthingy from Fat Pao de Quejio may be your next big love. I ain’t gluten free addict or something, but I must say: the best savoury muffins I have ever eaten.





  1. Oh Monica, what a nice review! Those foods look so good! Nice article to read in a lunch time! 🙂


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