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Autumn Favourites

I have bought like 100 plates and bowls from my Morocco trip. Other things that I miss from Morocco are their tea and the scent of oriental flowers.. So to give me that  feeling I have been longing, here are my favourite things for Autumn..


IMG_5175Pink is not really my favourite color, but after bathing in roses this bowl and my long time friend Chanel Chance are my two faves! Hint the card!

People are going mad for the canada scarfs from Acne Studios. They are super soft and made of virgin wool. I have one, i love it. This one made of mohair and I love it even more.






The one thing that tickled my nerves was that the glas of my mint tea (fave flavour ever!) in Morocco got hot so quickly! You need to drink the tea only by touching the head of the glas. I am not in the mood of drinking my tea “pinky high” queen of England style. The tea glas designed by Samova solved the problems. The tea is still hot and yummy but there is no finger burning experience involved!

The ingredients of their tea are organic and the name of each tea makes you curious about the taste. It is definitely my #undertheblanketbuddy when I am not in the mood for any guys.. They are getting boring sometimes ey? And the ones who don’t text everyday don’t deserve a #cuddlebuddy anyway.. Ooooops!


*this post is friendly supported by Samova





  1. Andrea says

    Wieder toll geschrieben Monica! Ich habe den Tee schon öfters irgendwo gesehen aber nie gekauft. Vielleicht kaufe ich ihn bald mal! 🙂 xx Andi


  2. Ich habe das Parfüm letztens bei Douglas gekauft, es ist wirklich toll! Und ja, wer braucht denn schon einen Kerl wenn man eine gute Tasse Tee hat??? 😉


      • No problem – your blog is fab so happy to make it known! Thank you so much! If I have any questions I’ll be sure to come to you 🙂


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