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Twenty Something: Are You Ready?

“There will be more than 10.000 guests a day,” she said. “We are completely booked. You are gonna assist me this weekend. Exciting, right?”

“Of course I am excited!” I smiled.

That was the first sentence which made me realise that I am no longer only responsible for myself but also for others. I was nineteen.

It was my first “serious” job.

I have been responsible for myself since I was sixteen. Wanting to speak German fluently, I found the only possible way is to live with native speakers. So I moved out of my parents’ home. Working besides school to pay the rent, communicating in sign language to buy groceries cos German was not a very pleasant language to learn, knowing that if you want something you will have to earn it.

Now that I am twenty-four-year-old (yeah very “early” mid-twenty) I see that the adolescence phase is there to prepare you for your twenties. Having experienced many bitter sweet things in the past few years, the bad stuffs don’t seem to be that scary anymore. I have been traveling a lot, knowing that now it is the time when you still can push the restart button and start over again.


“One should begin to separate love from lust,” he uttered.

“We always do. Well, I suppose. Remember that time when you and the guys used to tell some girls that you love them just to get laid?” I chuckled.

“True! Despite all of that we still think that we’re the conservative ones!” they all laughed.

“I am so glad now that I have never bought your bullshit! Well, I think I would get over it if it happened anyway. Maybe after I’ve punched you in the face,” I sighed and smiled.

Seriously, I have learned a lot in the past years. So, if you are under twenty and reading this, there are many things that happen in your age to prepare you to be stronger for the “real” things. It all may seem really hard and impossible to get through. As long as you are careful enough, it is always possible to travel, go to parties, have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and get straight A’s at the same time. You’ll soon enough see.

I know there is a second chance for almost everything because I have failed before.

I think rationally because my heart had been broken.

I am smart with my money because I have learned that it is nice to have that little safety.

I know when to splurge after I have achieved something because it motivates me to reach my next goal.

I believe in the good in people because I have learned to trust.

I have learned to be responsible because there are consequences behind actions.

I see my glass half full because pessimism took me nowhere.

I also realise that Brad Pitt does not stay young forever.

Mess something up, live a little.

And have a good one!



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  1. Dilara says

    Wieder ein schöner Post, Monica. Ich habe auch eine schwierige Teenager Zeit und habe daraus viel gelernt.


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