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Love and Friendship: The Little Things Are the Best Ones!

After I took my birthday off Facebook I wondered how many people would actually remember my birthday. The ones that matter (well, most of em) do remember, I was kinda surprise. None of that matters though, I see an individual as a package of many features, bubbles and sparkles which I add up and categorise to “I want them to be in my life for a long time” or “a nice classmate who just talks to me if he needs help in math” or “new in town and need a stepping stone but will forget you until they find new friends” or “I would go to jail for them”…
A birthday is one of 365 days in a year. So there are other 364 days every year to add up the bubbles and sparkles. I really appreciate the little things in life; I want them everyday. A good hug, a sweet text, a mint chocolate chip ice cream scoop, an unusual dinner, weird but intellectual convos, a long walk after dinner or whatever nice things out there a day. Please!


The word “Liebe” in German means love. There are two ways to say “I love you” in German. You can say “ich liebe dich” or “ich habe dich lieb”. The first one underlines the love in partnership, the one which comes in a relationship between romantically involved persons, the one you say to whom you are in love with; the feelings which mostly fade after a break-up (sorry, it must be said). The second one usually last longer, you say it to your family or good friends. If you say “ich liebe dich” to a friend, there will be weird looks all around you. I don’t distinguish both phrases: love is love. It is comforting and I like it in my daily dose. I’ll say I love you to a friend if I feel like it.

After bragging what a pot of honey I am, (I don’t show it, but there is potential, ask those who know me well) it usually takes me 6 months to say it to my boyfriend after he said it. In this case I put a big fat line between love for what it is and falling in love with someone (the stupid version). It is really friggin difficult for me to fall in love with someone. Of course the feeling is sweeter, but I prefer the one which last far longer and almost as sweet. Safe sweet little things a day feel more secure than the (maybe really great) big gestures. Better having less (?) but lose nothing. What a coward, ey? Well, dare me! Make me fall till I fly!

I immediately know if someone has the potential to be a good friend or even best one one day. One of my best friend is sleeping next to me at this very moment. I can’t  sleep because I have drunk 2 cuppa coffee and 2 bottles of strong black tea for no reason today. Plus we have just had a long talk about him moving to another city for a job. A job he deserves along with a crazy high salary. Gosh I need to study more..

I was always annoyed when he snores, but not today. I won’t give a damn if he snores everyday as long as we live in the same city. His snoring no longer sounds like a bulldozer in a dessert, it sounds like baby angels playing a piano. Cannot change it anymore now, he must make sure that he can bring home the bacon. The thought makes me sick to my tummy.

Other friend in the next room has moved to another city last year. Kinda sad considering we used to brunch and gossip every Sunday. I knew what he felt before he said it. I could read his face and mind. I could say if he is in the mood for cafe au lait or rhubarb spritzer. Now this face is only here every two months. The little things maintain the bond. It tanks the machines with fuel to visit each other even though the jobs don’t give you any breaks. It let the one person who does it stay in mind. Yeah you must think of the one who send you a text which makes you smile in the morning or the one who sends you a funny or touchy postcards, right? Speaking of, I haven’t got a sweet postcard in a while.. The technology makes people lazy (ok, my blog depends on it, kudos in that case)

There are so many ways to express love and affection. Have you got some people who deserve it? Then spread em like confetti!

My little things today is a birthday bruch with my boys and a “you are my favorite” card for one of them to make the other ones jealous. Kidding, it was his birthday as well.
Have a good one!



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