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Lemon Tagliatelle

As I spent the summer in Italy, I could not stop eating pasta. The light pasta like this lemon tagliatelle always gave me that kind of dinner I needed: fresh yet fulfilling.


2 Portions

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160 gr tagliatelle

100 gr rocket leaves

1 lemon (zest and juice; waste nothing!)

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

50 gr parmesan

20 gr pine nuts

1 bunch of basil, chopped

salt and pepper


Cook the tagliatelle according to the instruction.

Meanwhile beat the lemon zest and lemon juice with olive oil. Add the pine nuts and crash them with a fork. Mix in parmesan.

Turn of the heat. Drain the tagliatelle and return to the sauce pan. Coat the pasta with the sauce (the pan should be hot and the parmesan will melt). Season with salt and pepper. Finish with stirring in the basil and rocket leaves.

Guten Hunger!




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